Hello and welcome to Fivem Shops, your trusted shop for premium bases and scripts.
We are a group of Devs active on Fivem since the beginning of the project.

With over 120+ servers launched around the world and Many satisfied customers we have decided to launch our Service to the general public.



Our interest is to create functional, beautiful and fun Fivem servers with all the latest news in the field of RP and Freeroam.
Here you can find from basic servers to more complex ones. For each type of Framework, ESX, VRP and Qbus.


Plug and Play!
The funniest part is this, Once you have purchased one of our servers, you will not have to do anything but turn it on.
They are servers ready and preconfigured to simplify everything to you


Take it Easy
You won't have to worry about anything, our team will take care of everything. Your server will be shipped in less than 1 hour.