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  • Everyone knows the feeling when they want to create some actions for players on the server, but they actually can’t program or can’t find a script that suits them for the right purpose. That’s why I present to you the something i call “Mission Framework”, project that will help you to make an unlimited number of missions or activities within a configuration file. If you are not good at programming, this should make it easier for you,


Additional Information

Framework knows three types of missions at the moment. 


  • HITMAN - Kill or kill and identify target 
  • CAR THEFT - Steal vehicle on any location 
  • DO SOMETHING - Take boxes, steal stuff Etc.  


It’s up to your imagination. Script has just example/showcase missions so it’s up to you to make your missions. We’re planning to release more updates for this script and they will be completely free if you have purchased it. 



  • Trigger Any Mission from any client/server script. 
  • Big config with lot of settings. 
  • Spawn unlimited NPCs 
  • Set unlimited tasks 
  • Maaaaany options 
  • Create unlimited amount of missions. 




  • Script is completely synced 
  • If someone starts mission from starting locations it will disable mission location and number of mission for other players. 
  • If player starts mission that is already started, it will generate/trigger different number of mission. 
  • If new player joins it sends him table with current active missions.  


Config Starting Locations 


  • Config has starting locations so you can easily start any mission from any location. 
  • You can set type and number of mission, if number false then it will generate random mission. 
  • You can enable aborting mission from location.


[QBCore] Mission Framework

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