V2 Custom Server



  • Our V2 was designed and created just after V1 production. 
  • The server has everything what quality roleplay server needs to have. 
  • We used to update the server on monthly/weekly basis (all updates are for free) and provide immediate support when you encounter any bug that is part of our product. 
  • Also we welcome any suggestions on how to get the server better and we will do our best to make them happen for you. 
  • All Features -> link

After purchase


  • Follow instruction in the file.


Additional information


  • By buying this product you automatically accepting terms-of-service
  • Lifetime support for everything that is part of the server. 
  • FiveM Patreon is required for onesync and for custom clothing -> read the benefits there patreon.com/fivem
  • If you consider of buying this product make sure that you have some of these qualities: Willingness to learn something new, Patience and time 
  • This product isn't small so it takes some time to set it up for your needs or to your liking (economy etc.), this is not part of the support, we can navigate you how to do these things but setting that up for you will require some additional charge.  
  • I'm working on this product mostly alone, so make sure that you respect when i'm not available every minute/hour, everything is about communication, i can make time for everyone just lemme know earlier. 
  • For best support make sure that you have VDS or VPS (Virtual Dedicated/Private Server) with Windows, if you don't have experience with it, i can guide you how to work with that and fully install server for you right there. 
  • Using this product on game hostings like ZAP or Iceline is not recommended and i will not give you any support with installation (you can do it if you got enough experience) 


V2 Custom Server

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